Healing in his wings

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. – Malachi 4:2, NIV

There was a woman who once memorized the words of Malachi.


People memorize Psalm 23, of course. They sometimes tackle the Beatitudes, and the Lord’s Prayer is a given. But Malachi?

Desperate hope will lead to desperate actions. And this woman, the Bible says, had been sick for a long, long time.

She also had heard of a miracle working rabbi who was visiting the towns and synagogues of Galilee.

He had healed lepers, it was said. There were rumors of blind men seeing, and lame men dancing.

Was there room in the rabbi’s bag of miracles for a woman who simply couldn’t stop bleeding?

It was embarrassing, this problem. It was life-threatening. Worst of all, it kept her isolated. It even affected her ability to attend times of community worship.

But while this problem had taken away all her money and energy on visits to doctors, it had not taken away her faith. She believed with all her heart that if God willed it, she could be healed in a moment.

She had a test for the rabbi. If he really could heal her, she’d know it by one action, and by one obscure passage from Malachi’s preaching.

The Messiah, Malachi had promised, would have “healing in his wings.”

The Hebrew word for “wings” is the same word for “fringes.” The context of word would allow you to know whether the conversation was about birds or about the tassels that hung from the clothing of Jewish men.

ImageBirds have wings. Butterflies have wings. Men have fringes. And the Messiah? He would be such a man of God that even a touch of his fringes would bring healing.

You get sick enough, faith will find a way to touch those fringes.

When the opportunity finally came, she reached through the forest of legs around her, stretched with all her might, and touched the tassels.

It was the same thing he’d done that morning, when he had first put on the garment. He had touched them throughout the day.

This was no secret. Every religious and righteous man touched the fringes of his robe while he prayed. It was so common, the fringes became synonymous with his prayer life. In one act of tremendous faith, she stretched out to touch this rabbi’s prayer life!

If you know the rest of the story, you know about her healing. You know the Jesus stopped and blessed her for her faith. Luke 8 has the story, if you’d like to read it.

And today has the opportunity for faith – the same kind of faith this woman had.

It started with hearing the words of scripture, continued with remembering the words of scripture, and brought a miracle when she acted on the words of scripture.

Follow that formula, and miracles won’t be far behind.

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About Pastor Andy Cook

Author of four books, Andy Cook is pastor from Georgia who travels often in Israel and other lands of the Bible. You can see his teaching videos on the Christian Television Network or at ExperienceIsraelNow.com.
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